These docs currently refer to the TypeScript/JavaScript client library, but they will be expanded once we release the other clients.


Run the following commands from your project's directory to install the Etebase dependency:

yarn add etebase

On Node

yarn add etebase node-fetch

On React Native

yarn add etebase react-native-etebase react-native-get-random-values react-native-sodium

You now need to import it at the top of your project (e.g. index.js) like so:

import 'react-native-etebase';

On the web (without a bundler)

yarn add etebase

The UMD bundle is then available at node_modules/etebase/dist/umd/Etebase.js. You can use it like this:

<script src="path/to/Etebase.js"></script>

Using the package in your project

You can then use the package like you would any other:

import * as Etebase from 'etebase';


Building the package from source

Please check out the README of each library for language specific instructions.


Ask for help on our chat or reddit.