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In addition to the main API, Etebase provides a few utility functions to make development easier.


Base64 is a popular way to encode binary data to an ASCII string format, and is used throughout Etebase. We use the URL-friendly variant and provide functions to convert to and from it.

const binaryData = Uint8Array.from([1, 2, 3]);

const b64encoded = Etebase.toBase64(binaryData);
const decoded = Etebase.fromBase64(b64encoded);
// decoded is equal to binaryData

Random bytes

Getting secure random data is at the core of almost every cryptographic operation. Etebase takes care of the cryptography for you so you won't often need to generate random data on your own, but for when you do:

// Wait for Etebase to be ready.
// Note: if you already have an Account instance you don't need to manually wait.
await Etebase.ready;

// Generate 32 random bytes
const randomData = Etebase.randomBytes(32);