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Tasks (iCalendar)

Calendars store calendar task information using the iCalendar format.

The iCalendar format has different versions, and iCalendars of all versions can be stored in this type, but the recommended version is 2.0.

This collection type only supports the VTODO iCalendar type (calendar tasks), for events, please refer to the calendar event specifications.


Collection type: etebase.vtodo

This is the type indicating it's an iCalendar task collection.


name: string

The user visible name of the task list.

description: string (optional)

The user visible description of the task list.

The user visible color of the task list as #RRGGBB or #RRGGBBAA.

mtime: milliseconds since epoch

When was this collection last modified.



type: leave empty

If the type is empty, it indicates a task item. New types may be added in the future.

name: the UID of the task item

This is exactly the same as the UID inside the task itself, and is used for quick lookup.

mtime: milliseconds since epoch

When was this item last modified. Useful for sorting based on modification time.


The content of the item is the iCalendar item itself and nothing else.